Troy, MI Personal Property Insurance

Most people believe that owning homeowners or renters insurance is enough to protect against loss of all of their personal belongings, including jewelry, artwork, classic cars and antiques. However, for many, this is not true.

For more than a century, Mason-McBride, Inc., has been protecting homes and personal property for individuals and families in Michigan. We will help you evaluate your personal property and determine whether you need special coverage.

What is and isn’t covered under renters insurance or a home policy

Most personal property is covered under a standard renters insurance or home policy. Certain types of peril, such as flooding, are automatically excluded from a typical homeowners policy. For specific types of personal property, such as furs and fine art, coverage may be limited. If a loss should occur and you do not have the right coverage, you could find yourself unable to replace your valuables.

Understanding Personal Property Endorsements

To protect you against catastrophic loss, we will help analyze your personal property to find the right policy endorsements. An endorsement is basically an amendment to your homeowners insurance that provides extra coverage for items that are either not included in your original policy or that have low coverage limits.

Protecting Families with Extensive Personal Assets

For families who hold property in limited liability companies (LLCs) or trusts, a special endorsement may not be the right option. The same is true for family-owned businesses, especially those being run out of the family home. We will analyze your complete real and personal asset schedule to create an insurance portfolio that protects against risks you may face.

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